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Where the Cobra & Corvette Meet

" the marriage of two legends"...kit car magazine 1996 .  


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COBRA ON A VETTE ? - An alternative to the Ford powered Cobra inspired kits sold today .

PHASE 1 $3695.0 BODY ONLY .

bullet Hand laid Fiberglass body bonded to floor
bullet Hood with your choice of factory scoop or Big Block Chevy style and inner panel.
bullet Left and right doors skins and inner panels
bullet Trunk lid and inner panel
bullet Inner cowl
bullet Two interior kick panels
bullet Two Seat shells (biggest seat available in the industry)
bullet Four over rider bumpers & backing plates
bullet Interior divider panel
bullet Rear trunk divider panel
bullet Two form fitting front fender-wells
bullet Gap cap insert panel.
bullet Dash with built in impressions for tilted gauges.
bullet Two piece center console.
bullet Impressions are in the body where to cut out for Bumpers , side vent and gas cap installation.

                            *** NOTE - NO METAL HARDWARE IS INCLUDED in Phase 1 ***

(Phase 1 pictured below)



PHASE 2 $6,995.00!!!  BODY/FLOOR BOLT ON  This kit is designed for an individual with mechanical aptitude or access to those in the Corvette profession to simplify the conversion. The concept is simple: Remove (UNBOLT) all front and rear original Vette (68-82) frame to bumper extensions. Unbolt Eight (8) Original Body bolts and remove the complete Vette body (Note: The  floor ,hood, doors, front & rear clip all can be removed as one unit. Simply replace the Cobrette Body and Floor in the same position and re-bolt the same eight (8) blots. Remember, our floor is a mold styled after an original Vette which bolts in exactly the same position from (68-82). The main difference is the rear compartment which we eliminate in our floor mold for additional storage space. Included all components in phase 1 and :

bulletHand laid Fiberglass Body bonded to the (Vette) style floor.
bulletHood with your choice of factory scoop or Big Block Chevy style and inner panel.
bulletLeft and right doors skins and inner panels bonded, hinged and aligned.
bulletTrunk lid and inner panel bonded, hinged and aligned.
bulletInner cowl
bulletTwo interior kick panels
bulletTwo Seat shells (biggest seat available in the industry)
bulletFour over rider bumpers & backing plates
bulletInterior divider panel bonded .
bulletRear trunk divider panel bonded.
bulletTwo form fitting front fender-wells
bulletDash with built in impressions for tilted gauges or Dash with Glove box door.
bulletTwo piece center console Two styles to choose from. 
bulletAll inner panels bonded with SMC adhesive  (not bondo) 
bulletHood is pre-fitted bonded, hinged and aligned
bulletHeadlights with Chrome trim rings installed.
bulletRectangular Tail lights installed.
bulletFactory style polished aluminum La Mans flip -top gas cap installed.
bulletChrome plated license plate lamp installed.
bulletBrushed Aluminum side louvers
bulletChrome plated trunk handle installed.
bulletTwo Chrome plated hood handles installed.
bulletTwo front turn indicator lamps installed .
bulletChrome framed factory 427 Windshield with glass installed.
bulletChrome plated center rear view mirror installed.
bulletComputerized Mandrel bent front steel hoop.
bulletComputerized Mandrel bent under dash steel hoops bolted thru four of the floor to frame body mounts.

 (Phase 2 kits below , double click to ENLARGE)





PHASE 3 $9995.00!!!  BODY/FLOOR PAINT READY Includes all the components in phase 2, Plus

bulletHood is pre-fitted , hinged and aligned.
bulletDoors are pre-fitted hinged and aligned.
bulletTrunk is pre-fitted hinged and aligned.
bulletTail lights
bulletFactory style aluminum La Mans flip -top gas cap
bulletChrome plated license plate lamp
bulletAluminum side louvers
bulletChrome plated  trunk handle.
bulletTwo Chrome plated hood handles.
bulletTwo front turn indicator lamps.
bulletChrome plated center rear view mirror
bulletChrome framed factory 427 Windshield with glass.
bulletBody comes hand block sanded urethane primed ,block sanded and re-primed ready for a professional shop finish to be applied.

 (Phase 3 pictured below)




Phase 4  $17,995.00 ! BODY  PAINTED  - Includes all components in Phase 2 & 3 

(Also included although not pictured)


bulletTail lights
bulletFactory style aluminum La Mans flip -top gas cap
bulletChrome plated license plate lamp
bulletAluminum side louvers
bulletChrome plated  trunk handle.
bulletTwo Chrome plated hood handles.
bulletTwo front turn indicator lamps.
bulletChrome plated center rear view mirror.
bulletChrome framed factory 427 Windshield with glass.
bulletThis kit has a Urethane finish with stripes to fit your selected and unique color choices. 

(Phase 4 pictured below)



 What if I do not have the time to restore a frame ?

Restored rolling 75 - 82 Vette frame $8,500.00!!   Features:  

bullet Straight original hard to find rust - free Vette frame.
bullet Sand blasted to bare metal.
bullet Powder Coated black at 400 degrees - more chip resistant than automotive paint.
bullet New or rebuilt brake calipers.
bullet New Brake  pads .
bullet New brake  rotors.
bullet New or rebuilt trailing arms with new bearings etc.
bullet New or rebuilt Front Upper and lower A-Arms with new bearings, bushings etc.
bullet Rear leaf spring new or rebuilt  etc.
bullet All other related parts and labor to remove  and reassemble back to factory specifications.
bullet1968 - 74  frames (due to the demand /scarcity)  a numbers  matching steel case rear end please add $2000.00 more.

C4 / C5 Frame  - Street Rod chassis

We also offer a precision designed frame that utilizes C5 Vette front suspension and all C4 rear suspension built on a tubular steel chassis. Factory or aftermarket Vette wheels fit onto this direct bolt on application for our Cobrette. This bare frame starts at $5999.00 or buy this same frame "rolling" with used C5 front and C4 rear suspension , steering rack , all mounted  from $9499.00 

We also offer a direct  replacement  C3 1968-82 bare Vette frame that will utilize the same components as described starting at $5999.00

You may choose from over 30 colors to powder -coat the frame for only $399.00 extra. 




Turn Key from $34,995.00!! Painted & Upholstered Cobrette©  

bulletTwo-stage urethane painted & striped body matched to the exact colors you select. 
bulletHand Stitched Leather Interior to meet your personal specifications.
bulletWilton Carpet imported from Germany used in the finest European automobiles.
bullet18 Gallon polished Aluminum fuel tank heli-arced by a certified welders.
bulletSeven white face Auto Meter Gauges.
bulletSmall block Chevrolet Engine producing 340-350 hp.
bulletTurbo-hydromatic three speed automatic transmission.
bulletHardtop included for a limited time.
bulletOptional Big Block Chevy 450 HP NEW GM crate engine $5000.00  (installed).
bulletOptional NEW: Muncie four-speed transmission, linkage ,shifter and pedal assembly $2500(Installed).

(Turn Key Cobrette©  pictured below)


F.A.Q. - Most Frequently Asked Question Click here


What is hardware ?

Hardware : already included in Phase 2, 3 & 4  

  1. Headlights with Chrome plated trim rings and headlight buckets.

  2. Taillights.

  3. La Mans aluminum flip-top gas cap.

  4. Chrome plated windshield frame & glass.

  5. Chrome plated license plate lamp.

  6. Two aluminum side louvers.

  7. Chrome plated rear view mirror. \

  8. Chrome plated trunk handle.

  9. Two chrome plated hood handles. 

  10. Two front turn indicator lamps.



What do I still need for phases 1-4?

Here is the projected build up costs Outlined below:

bullet1968-82 Vette good used small block  w/4 speed $ 2,000.00
bullet Cobrette Phase 2 body kit $ 6,995.00
bulletWind-wings & Sun Visors $ 250.00
bulletAuto Meter Gauges (8) $ 550.00
bulletWiper Assembly $ 325.00
bulletHood Hinge Kit $ 195.00
bulletSeats from Honda $ 150.00
bulletLeather Interior $ 900.00
bulletAssembly Manual $50.50 (free with kit purchase)
bullet15" Centerline Wheels $ 1,275.00
bullet15" tires 275/50/15 235/60/15 $ 800.00
bulletChrome single roll bar $ 350.00
bulletChrome Hooker header for Vette bolt on $1,500.00
bulletPrime Bodywork & Paint w/ stripes $ 2,500.00
bulletAluminum Pulley Set $ 300.00
bulletPowder coasting $ 350.00
bulletCad plating bolts $75.00
bulletFrame restoration (All new rotors, calipers,
bulletBearings, Joints, Blasting Powder coating $2,000.00
bulletEZ Wiring harness (Shrink tubing , solder etc.) $ 350.00
bulletMisc. rivets $ 50.00
bulletReplacement Direction Flasher $ 10.00
bulletRadiator, Fan & Switch, Misc. brackets $ 350.00
bulletOverflow tank spun aluminum $ 125.00
bulletIn Line Fill Hose w/ cap Kit $ 45.00
bulletHeavy Duty Fan Relay $ 20.00
bullet180 Degree Thermostat $ 7.00
bullet18 gallon fuel cell ,Sending unit, Braided line $ 400.00
bulletGates Drive Belts $ 100.00
bulletGates green stripe Hoses $ 85.00
bulletThrottle Cable (OEM replacement) $ 35.00
bulletNew OEM Vette Engine mounts $ 60.00
bulletMSD Ignition Controller $ 150.00
bulletIgnition wires & Spark Plugs $ 125.00
bulletDistributor Cap HEI $ 17.75
bulletPenske Shocks (Front and rear) $ 150.00
bulletCarter AFB Carb. $ 300.00
bulletUltima Battery & Heavy gauge cables $ 150.00
bulletClutch / Pressure Plate / Throw-out Bearing Set $ 250.00
bullet4 Speed (From Vette) over-hauled $ 400.00
bulletShifter and linkage (Use Vette) $ 00.00
bulletRebuilt engine (350hp) using 68-82 vette as core $ 1,200.00
bulletIntake Edelbrock $ 175.00
bulletWater Pump (High Volume Modified impeller) $ 100.00
bulletAlternator 100 amp $ 100.00
bulletStarter Hi Torque Tilton $ 330.00
bulletHandbrake Assembly (Use Vette) $ 00.00
bulletGas Pedal (Use Vette) $ 00.00
bulletSteering Column Tilt Telescopic (Use Vette) $ 00.00
bulletHydraulic pedal assy & Slave cylinders $ 500.00
bulletMisc. Brake / Fuel Lines / Braided lines $ 200.00
bulletChrome Jack (4) Bumpers $ 600.00
bulletChrome Side Mirrors (2) $ 90.00
Running Total $ 26,834.75
bulletVette parts sold (Body Panels, Int. etc.) Minus - ($2,000.00)

Final Total $ 24,834.75


bulletConvertible Top $ 2,500 OPTIONAL
bulletHard Top w/ hardware $ 1,500 OPTIONAL
bulletSliding side windows $ 750 OPTIONAL


 Shipping a Cobrette© on Skids ?

 (Skid Mounted for shipping pictured below)


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